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Maltese Cross

Maltese Cross

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Smokers are the latest and greatest addition to your bar needs! These smokers add a smoked flavor to your whiskey, bourbon or cocktail.

Simply place the wooden smoker on top of your glass with the large hole on top.  Place your wood chips in the center of the hole on top of the screen.  Use your butane lighter to ignite your chips and the smoke will be forced into the glass.  Once your chips are fully burned let the smoke sit in your glass for few seconds and remove the smoker and let the smoke out.  Tip’er back and enjoy your nicely smoked cocktail. Dispose of your ashes appropriately.  The screens may be used more than once. Butane lighter is not included in this purchase.

Ash wood is used to make these beautiful smokers. These are cut out on a CNC machine and sanded smooth then soaked in mineral oil to ensure they are food safe.

Measurements: 4.5 inches around and .75 inch thick.

Your order will include:

1 Maltese shaped Whiskey Smoker – 1 Bag of wood chips – 2 Screens

This particular smoker is in the shape of a Maltese cross for the firefighters because they can never get enough smoke and fire!

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